Commitment to RISE
Above the Ordinary

Most developers build buildings. We at ISTA Homes are committed to build a Legacy. From the very first brick laid in 2012, we were conscious of just one fact - that we were building a legacy for our future generations to come, and each brick that we lay should testify to that one commitment.

Brick By Brick

It takes time and aesthetics to transform ideas into superior architectural value. At ISTA Homes we have that capability. Driven by the passion to bring perfect harmony into everyday living, ISTA Homes combines the beauty of earthy elements with contemporary design and elegance to create enduring architecture that carries lasting appeal.

As one of Hyderabad's leading luxury developers, we believe that architecture has the power to enrich our lives like nothing else can. Tightly- managed and executed by our in-house team of experts to match ISTA's exacting standards, we work closely with our network of top artisans and construction craftsmen who value fine workmanship as highly as we do. In terms of aesthetics, location, material, or workmanship, nothing but the world's very best works for ISTA Homes customers, i.e. – you!



ISTA Homes' mission is to significantly elevate the aspirations and lifestyle to ultimate glory of families who choose to live, work and stay in the spaces that we build for them.

New Thinking

Today, ISTA Homes is a progressive development company without equal. From striving to reach ever-higher standards of quality, to raising the bar on design and construction with every project; to retaining our focus on providing outstanding property management services, we stay ahead by leading, and setting new benchmarks for the industry.

It's all about the team

We understand what it takes to build projects of lasting value: integrity, inspiration and craftsmanship, backed by a commitment to new thinking in everything we do.